5 Things to Look Forward to:
  1. Philippines Trip - It’s been a good thirteen years since I last travelled to the Philippines. The people I got to meet and spend time with are no longer there; they’re scattered all over the world. So me being there is going to be as if I’ve never been there before. I spent a solid month there and didn’t even meet a fourth of the family. So I wonder how many family members I’m going to meet during this two week stay. The only difference between the trip we took when I was seven and this trip we’re taking in November is that I understand Tagalog completely and although I can’t speak it fluently, I’ll understand every word that comes out of their mouths.
  2. Holiday Season - The last few months of the year is always my favorite. Everything’s busy and there’s the continuous string of holidays. Even though the end of the year flies by I’m excited for all the chaos and endless errands. Usually, those are things people would like to avoid, but if it gets me out of the house then so be it. 
  3. PFD - My bank account will be happy for about 24 hours or so. Getting free money from the government yearly is a good and bad thing. Good because it’s free money, bad because I can’t spend it on things I want. This year, my PFD is going straight to last semester’s tuition and new winter tires. Very unfortunate but at least it helps. The only good thing I can think of is the fact that I won’t be crying due to my paycheck not being enough to pay for a set of four tires. 
  4. Last 4 Runs of the Year - So far I’ve participated in 10 of the 12 runs I’ve been wanting to do. The last two runs I’ve missed due to having a busy schedule, life problems and forgetfulness. Four more runs before the year ends and I think these next four runs are going to be fun… despite the fact that it’ll be snowing and freezing. 
  5. Spring Semester - I have been so indecisive about college and whether or not I should continue or not. But after taking the semester off I’ve come to realization that I actually miss going to school. And I’ve come to realization that I know what I want to do. Majoring in Marine Biology. Getting all the classes done here at UAA and then transferring to UAS to complete the semester by the bay classes. I need to do the things I want to do and not what others want me to do. This will be great and now I can actually give it my all for something I want, something I want to become successful in. However, my humanitarian aide worker dream and travelling to third world countries to help families in poverty are still on my list of things to do.  
21st birthday present from my godmother.

My godmother called me earlier this morning and told me she’ll be buying me a plane ticket for my 21st birthday. She’ll be flying me and possibly my best friend down to Vegas for the weekend. I’m pretty excited and beyond thankful for having her fly me down.