Well that’s a damn shame.

It was a home game.
We started out strong.
We were leading.
And in the end, we were short. 
This is a damn shame. 

A List of Things to be Happy About #25:

1. Football season.
2. 49ers winning week 1.
3. Hockey season coming up.
4. Getting the first two weeks of November off.
5. Having my passport come through the mail.
6. Being able to buy my very first international ticket.
7. Traveling out of country.
8. 2 weeks of sun, fresh fruit and vegetables, seeing family I haven’t seen in 13 years etc.
9. Grandma having a successful surgery.
10. The best boss I’ve ever had.
11. Being able to fulfill a promise I made to Ina even though she’s no longer with us.
12. Heart to heart conversations.
13. I’ve been enjoying the rain, lately.
14. Getting back with going to the gym daily.
15. I’m liking how my legs are looking but not so much with my stomach and arms.
16. How everything is still a work in progress.
17. Family reunions.
18. Filling up my tank has been a struggle lately so I’m happy that I have 3/4ths in my tank.
19. Tomorrow’s game against the Bears.
20. Having weekends off.